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Meet Our Team

Our leadership team is made up of people who epitomize this aspiration, more than half of whom have been members of the Srivaaru team for over a decade.

Srinivas Reddy
Srinivas ReddyManaging Director
A veteran with close to two decades of construction experience, Srinivas Reddy brings a comprehensive and well-rounded skill set to the Sri Vaaru Team.
Danush Reddy
Danush ReddyProject Manager
At Sri Vaaru Builders SF, he is able to manage multiple projects and crews simultaneously and optimize a project for efficiency from all fronts.
Kishore Kumar
Kishore KumarSenior Architect
He is a seasoned industry professional with broad-based experience in all aspects of architectural/construction project delivery.
Harisha S
Harisha SInterior Designer
Lead designer for Sri Vaaru Interiors. He works closely with clients to create clever lifestyle environments.
A hands-on professional who has worked every job on the construction site from Apprentice/Helper to Senior Construction Manager.
Whose Next?
Whose Next?Job Hunter
We are excited to grow bigger with hand full of people who are tremendously experienced in the field of construction.

Expert Partners Agree

“Sri Vaaru Team did my residential project in 70 lakhs, it was a turnkey project of 3 floors. Danush completed the project in 1 year. He has a good experience and his specialty is that he always completes the work on time. I would love to hire him again because he knows everything about the work.”


“They did turnkey project of my house and completed the project within 2.5 years in the budget of 2.7cr. of 24,000 sqft. Team is very creative in their approach and designs. I think they are extremely punctual and obedient. I would recommend them for sure who requires for best quality.”


“Sri Vaaru Team did the complete interiors of my 4 floors commercial building which is of 6000 Sqft. They completed the project in 1 year with a budget of rupees 1.5 cr. The best part is that Danush is very prompt and have got good experience. I would recommend them for sure.”


Trusted Partners

Each partner of us has been handpicked for their quality and trust. We have long-standing relationships with preeminent home building material suppliers across India.

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