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Government Approval Required For Building A House Or Apartment In Bangalore?

Have you been dreaming of constructing your ideal house in the city of Bangalore? Just like any other task, house building also requires a considerable amount of preparation. That consists of getting all the relevant documents that are related to

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What Is DC Conversion And Why Is It Important For Any Land Development?

DC Conversion is a mandatory legal process under Section 95 of the Karnataka Land Revenue Act. Land Use Conversion in Bangalore The Karnataka government considers all the land present in the state to be fit for agricultural purposes only. In

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What Are The Procedure For Plan Sanction in BBMP and BDA

What Are The Procedure For Plan Sanction in BBMP And BDA If you have a plot and wish to construct a building, you should take proper approval from the respective government authorities. It is mandatory to seek the approval from

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Step By Step Procedure To Get Bescom Electricity Connection in Bangalore

If you are reading this, chances are that you have built a new house or purchased an under construction property for which you require a new electricity connection. The procedure is simple but time taking and has to be completed

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